How to fix your broken makeup products(highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes and compacts).

Hi SVFamily!!

Its very heart breaking when you accidentally break your makeup products or receive broken products because of bad packaging. I recently got my ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit- Sundipped’, I was shocked to receive a broken product, which lead to figuring out “how can I fix it now”. I did my research on this and finally found the perfect way to fix it. So, I am going to share  the perfect way to fix your broken highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes and compacts.

Step 1

First I removed all the pans out from my Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit, cleaned the empty kit and kept it aside. Then I took one pan and break the cake more into very fine particles with the help of spatula, you can also use fork or back side of the spoon for this action. Don’t hurry, take your time until you break all of it into fine particles.

Step 2

Next I poured 99% rubbing alcohol in it, which I found online on I poured the alcohol drop by drop in the pan and mixed it well with the powder with the help of spatula. When the powder started settling into the alcohol I evened out the surface with the spatula.

Step 3

I kept the pan in direct sunlight for 45 mins.

Step 4

Once it was half dried I took a soft plain tissue (without texture) and placed it over the pan and pressed it with the mouth of the spoon to smooth out the surface more.

Step 5

I kept it again in direct sunlight for two more hours and TADAAAAA…. my highlighter was ready to use, the texture and finish of the highlighter is same as before.

So guys,  you can fix your makeup products(highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes and compacts) by this technique, its easy to do and you get your favourite product back in action. Yeiiii!



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